Suction Canister (Hi-Flow) W/Lid
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  • Strong, durable plastic designed for collecting and retaining suctioned materials
  • Self-sealing filter increases flow thereby eliminating damaging back flow to the suction regulator and system
  • Preassembled lid to save you time
  • Foam guard keeps float valve securely in place, preventing premature shutoff


Choose from options available:

  1. 1200cc Suction Canister (Hi-Flow), w/ lid, 40 per case 
  2. 1200cc Suction Canister (Hi-Flow), w/ lid, 3/16" x 18" & 6' tubing, 30 per case 
  3. 800cc Suction Canister (Hi-Flow), w/ lid, 24 per case 
  • Item #: D4670

Suction Canister (Hi-Flow) W/Lid

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