Yankauer Suction Handle, Sterile, 50 Per Case
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  • Sterile, smooth tool designed to safely remove secretions  and viscous material from the mouth and throat of patients with a tracheostomy or debilitated patients who are unable to clear secretions on their own
  • Bulb tip, blue-tinted transparent material with slip-resistant handle
  • Smooth and uniform inner surface allows for rapid evacuation of secretions
  • Ribbed connector for easy connection to various sizes of connective tubing
  • Available in vented and non-vented Suction Handles

Choose from options available:

  1. Yankauer Suction Handle, vented, sterile, 50 per case  
  2. Yankauer Suction Handle, non-vented, sterile, 50 per case  
  • Item #: D4690

Yankauer Suction Handle, Sterile, 50 Per Case

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